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The Knowles Teacher Initiative is committed to improving mathematics and education in the United States by investing in our nation’s teachers. Join us in this important work.

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Thank You To All Of Our 2019–2020 Donors

Amy Gheysens

Amy Pochodylo

Andrew McCarty

Anna Monteiro

Ayanna Perry

Bei and Gordon Saville

Ben Graves

Bradford Hill

C. Harry Knowles

Bruce Alberts

Carlee Madis

Caroline Carr

Catherine Perry

Cathy Cohn

Charles Coble

Charles Sabatier

Cheryl Brown

Chloe Glynn

Chris Anderson

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Christine Kamin

David Wilz

Dawn Yetter

Diane Wells

Dina Portnoy

Ebony Freeman

Emily Berman

Ed Viner

George Sanderson

George M. Wohlreich

Gregory DiNoia

Hai Tran

Heba Abdo

Heather Buskirk

Helen Hobbs-Huang

Helen Snodgrass

Janet H. Knowles

Jeanne Vissa

Jeff Rozelle

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Jessica Rorke

Jessica Watts

Jim Savage

Jodie Galosy

Joe Cossette

John Furlong

John Holcomb

Joseph Sawitsky

Joshuah Thurbee

Joyce Lin

Kaitie O’Bryan

Karen and Bruce Harrison

Kate Miller

Katey Shirey

Katrina Cornell

Kayla Urquidi

Kim Conner

Kimberly Masloski

Kylie Bertram

Lawrence Tint

Laura Nutter

Laura Wang

Lauren Kline

Laurie Smith

Lawrence Teng

Linda Abrams

Li Lui

Lindsay Konell

Lucy Balian Rorke-Adams

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Morris, Jr.

Marie Scheimer

Mark Akubo

Mark Baumgartner

Mark Olson

Mary Chin

Mary Segreti

Meghan Scattaregia

Melanie Villaneuva

Melissa Kagle

Michael C. Wittmann

Michele Cheyne

Michelle Burmont

Monica Sircar and David Rehaml

Nicole Dowd

Nicole Gillespie

Paul Kuerbis

Rebecca Bradshaw

Roseanne Rostock

Ryan Albers

Sarah Berger

Sarah Hawthorne

Sarah Ingraham

Satoshi Suga

Scott Murphy

Scott N. Goldie, Ph.D.

Shannon Morey

Sheila Orr

Shira Helft

Stephanie Holm

Sucheta Connolly

Sujata Ganpule

Tara Palomares

Thomas Amundsen

Tracy Schloemer

Donor Impact

Knowles Academy Scholarship

In Fiscal Year 2017, Knowles Teacher Initiative staff donated $4,613 and agreed to use these funds to create a scholarship that will be used to support a Knowles Senior Fellow and a colleague to attend Knowles Academy courses, starting with the 2017 Engineering Design course.

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Seed Projects

Knowles Teacher Initiative founder Janet H. Knowles generously gave $100,000 in 2016 to fund Seed Projects—initiatives that are designed to improve education beyond a Senior Fellow’s own classroom. Six Seed Projects totaling $49,519 were awarded during the 2016–2017 academic year, including two teacher observation groups, a peer coaching program, and a writing retreat.

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General Donation

Knowles Teacher Initiative founder C. Harry Knowles and Knowles Teacher Initiative trustee Lucy Balian Rorke-Adams generously donated $3 million to support the work of the organization.

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